Monday, February 28, 2011

MESPA Group - Daily updates Diigo Group Classroom 2.0 - Topic Evernote

I have a Diigo Account and subscribe to a few groups, today I received an update from Classroom 2.0  If you have signed up for the account I would suggest you subscribe to this group.

Today's topic/post was from the blog Stump The Teacher: Evernote 101 .  Please watch the video tutorial on using Evernote (digital binder mobile device for notetaking, more on the education series).  You can link twitter to Evernote as well.  Link to move video tutorials from Stump the Teacher.


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mrpceducator said...

Thanks for pointing us to stumpteacher Mary. He has a number of great videos introducing us to the usage of many of the tools you have introduced us to. It's great how Evernote can be linked to so many of these tools making taking notes less work and more productive.