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Summer 2016  Summer Institute
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Courses Summer 2016 
Summer 2016 - Courses & Institutes for Teachers
1. Google Apps for Educators - July 18th - 22nd 2016

50375 - EDUC 7108 Topics: Project Based Learning with Google Apps for Educators8/1, 2, 4, 5
8/3 (online)
8am - 4pm
50069 - EDUC 7205 Topics: Google Apps for Educators7/18 - 7/228am - 4pm
2. Project Based Learning with Google Apps August 1-5th 2016 (8/3 Wednesday -  online blended)
EDUC 7108 Topics: Project Based Learning with Google Apps for Educators 8
This course will focus on the key features of Project-Based Learning (PBL) a way to organize learning around projects that are student driven, with real world connections allowing participants to evaluate real problems while exploring curriculum content areas. The Genius Hour model allows students to work on engaging topics of interest while working with others. Prerequisite: Google Apps for Education/GAFE course, this course will build upon your technical knowledge covered Google Apps for Education allowing you to dig deeper into your Google, web-based and mobile learning toolbox allowing participants to use tools connecting them to real world work.

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Register by May 19 for summer I and June 29 for summer II to save yourself the $50 late registration fee!

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Last Summer 2015
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  1. iPads for Educators, July 20 – 24  - This course will focus on Mobile learning research, trends, and project based learning that integrate into the classroom. It will explore Learning Models for Mobile Learning and help educators develop effective pedagogy and instructional strategies that capitalize on access to mobile and web-based technology. Participants will use a variety of tools to support project based learning. Additionally, participants use web-based tools to reflect and share information from mobile devices. They will use a variety of educational apps, such as video and multimedia to support the delivery of instruction and apply to content area. This course will support differentiated instruction models of learning and can be applied to all grade levels and content areas (K-12, language arts, social studies, science, math, world language, music, special education, library/study skills, etc.) Basic knowledge of mobile device is required. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own devices.
  2. Google Applications for Educators, July 27 – 31 -  This couse will focus on using Google Apps for Education with a focus on creativity and collaboration in order to develop 21st century skills that increase student engagement and collaboration while working in a cloud based environment. Participants will use the wide range of Google tools including Drive, Classroom, Google+, Hangouts and YouTube for specific content areas. Participants will be introduced to Google Add-Ons that streamline grading, assessments and portfolios, as well as chrome extensions and mobile apps. The course requires participants to bring a laptop or Chromebook to access your Google account. Additional devices IOS iPad/iPhone can be used for the mobile portion of the class. 
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Winter/Spring: March 2015 -
1. Transforming Learning to Promote Collaboration and Efficiency with Google Apps for Education - MEC/Notheast Consortium for Staff Development NCSD

Summer 2015  - FSU Summer Institutes
1. iPad for Educators (July 20th-24th 2015)
2. Google Apps (July 27-31st 2015)

Summer 2014 offerings
  1. Transforming Learning to Promote Collaboration and Efficiency with Google Apps for Education - MEC/Notheast Consortium for Staff Development NCSD
    Location to be offered  Littleton Middle School (BYOD) July 14-18th
    http://www.mec.edu/professional-development The Northeast Consortium for Staff Development (NCSD) is a key provider of professional development for Massachusetts Educators. NCSD currently delivers quality professional development programs to over 1,200 education professionals and is an approved provider under the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Link here 
  2. iPad for Educators - Fitchburg State University -
    Graduate Institutes - One Week 50537 EDUC 7092  - Topics: iPads for Educators -7/21 -7/25https://www.fitchburgstate.edu/offices/academic-offices/gce/coursesforteachersGCE- Graduate and Continuing Educator Summer Session II (July 21-25th) Cost: $867.00. Institute details here.
    Link http://goo.gl/sAvsXh
  3. iPad for Educators - Fittchburg State Center for Professional Studies
    Location, Mashpee, Cape Cod ---- August 11th-18th 2014
Contact Kim Davenport - kdavenpo@fitchburgstate.edu 
 or Debbie Finine for details -    978 665-4162

Central Mass Readiness Center
160 Pearl St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420

1.      Introduction to Integrating iPads in the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom      (June 25th - session full)
     NEW date August 19th, Johnny Appleseed Elementary School, Leominster, MA, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

2.      Google Apps for Educators (GAFE)
June 26th - session full)
       NEW date -  August 20th, Johnny Appleseed Elementary School, Leominster, MA 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Other: - Central Massachusetts Readiness Center - Courses and workshops

Dr. Michael N. Dubrule, Executive Director

Providing Professional Development for
Harvard, Hingham, Lunenburg, Masphee, Maynard, Nashoba, North Middlesex and Quabbin School Districts. Request information contact marottam@comcast.net

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