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March 2012
New iBook Creation
Getting ebooks from the Publich Libary  onto your ipad

Watch Apple unveil iPad 2 at a special event on March 2, 2011, in San Francisco. iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and faster with two cameras for FaceTime video calls and HD video recording. Yet it still has the same 10-hour battery - ipad 2 user guide pdf  - link here to watch ipad Guided Tours

Apple Guided Tours

Part 2 Apple iPad Guided Tours - ALL Part 2
Part 3 Apple iPad Guided Tours - All part 3
iBooks Apple iPad Guided Tour - iBooks
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Apps in Education
Apps for Special Education

Other Schools
- Burlington High School - Patrick Larkin 1:1 Video Interview
- Mercury High School ipad - http://it.mhsmi.org/

Apple iPad Learning Labs

An Apple iPad Learning Lab streamlines the management of classroom sets of iPad devices. Each lab includes 10 iPad devices and a sturdy and secure mobile cart. The cart can store, charge, and sync up to 30 iPad devices and has room for a MacBook computer. The cart rolls easily around campus, so multiple classes can benefit, and it can be locked to secure the devices when they’re not in use. Purchase a predesigned Apple iPad Learning Lab or let us help you build your own iPad mobile lab.

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