Thursday, November 9, 2017

GoosechaseEdu is an app for scavenger hunts!

GoosechaseEdu is an app that combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with mobile technology. Games consist of a series of missions that are completed by individuals or teams.

Applications for Education
Applications for Education Goosechase is great for team building for both students and adults. Games are customizable, they can be used for introducing new material or reviewing for a test. Goosechase is good for field trips as well.
Here is a link to the library

I plan on testing this out!

Reflecting on student projects and SAMR

A few year back, several teachers took the time to reflect on using the SAMR model and I reflected about it in a post.  As we move forward in our school with two grade levels, 9 & 10 now a 1:1 device teachers should reflect on their teaching with technology.  SAMR is just one model to help guide teacher thinking.  There is a four part series by Michael Gorman to guide this discussion. 

PBL Reflection at MassCUE

Reflection back on our PBL Presentation - here
Engage and Inspire Learners with Project Based Learning 
What a great way for teachers to share their best practice to a larger authentic audience.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Digital Citizenship Week (October 16-20th)

Collaboration with Digital Citizenship Week activities #DigCitWeek
We should always be incorporating into our classes ..ongoing conversations #nashobalearns link

 This week's discussion

Let's start a conversation! - Our Hangout this week

Next topic? Digital Drama

Monday, October 16, 2017

Portfolios for Student Work

Portfolios for Student Work -Working with teachers this week discussing the new google sites and the purpose behind portfolios.

GRAPHICS class October 19th and 20th - teach from site

Teachers are using for specific content (Photography, graphics, multimedia) and discussing how to connect to career opportunities with a more multi purpose use.

Link to Portfolio

Level one is integrating into a content area.  We will explore building wide portfolios and what students would like to showcase this year.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Newsletter - Digital Citizenship week 10/16-20th

Fall Newsletter link shared with staff - Using Smore to design a newsletter to communicate with staff.  The design of a newsletter is more appealing than an length email.
I am hoping by modeling new ways to communicate news with staff, we will begin to think about design of our communications, postings and lessons.

Exploring Creativity Options

I have been seeing lots of posts on Book Creator and decide to take a look at how it can be using on chromebooks.

Here are some resources to review.
Sample below