Friday, December 22, 2017

Nashoba Students visit over break

Nashoba students stop back to share their college experience and give advice:
Let's get this conversation started

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Creator App for iPad and Graduation Portfolios

Over the last few years, special education students have been using iPads on a daily basis.  As part of a graduation portfolio we have used the Book Creator App to share with story.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oral History Projects

Getting ready to kick off the Oral History Project this year.
We will transition from Classic Google Site to NEW Google Sites.
- Classic Template
   Student template to edit

2017 - Options
- NEW Sites sample 
   The Site and pages must be created, a sites template option is not available
Other Options may include curating using Adobe Spark Page

Presentation and tips - Observation 12/21/17

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

National History Day and Projects

This week I am gearing up for @NationalHistory projects with Ms. Jankun (Periods G & E). using @AdobeSpark video for the project. This year’s theme for National History Day #NHD2018 is "Conflict and Compromise in History" learn more here 

I started this project last year with Ms. Jankun and plan to showcase some of the videos from last year to kick off the project.  I am hoping to incorporate and Adobe Spark page as a way to story tell about the projects. Here is a link to the assignment and rubric.

Examples - Gorbachev and 

I am looking forward to kicking off the project with freshman and collaboration with other teachers in the department in order to showcase student work later this year!

Professional Development and Olin College 12/8

Our department (Applied Art and Technology) does lots of hands-on Project Based and Design Thinking projects.  We have followed Buck Institute of Technolgy (BIE) and Design Thinking ideas generated by High Tech High in Napa California.  As part of our department PD this year we decided to visit a few schools.

We started with Olin College in Needham. A new kind of Engineering College, that believes "engineering is a creative enterprise that begins and ends with people and their desire for a better world" See what Olin students have to say about their school, video.

Even though classes were not in session, we were given a great tour by a group of students and witnessed many of the projects along with their passion for learning.  Twice a year students present their projects to the public. On Monday, December 18th there will be a presentation of student work.

As part of the tour we met with the administration to discuss how our course offerings aligned with several of the projects/programs at their college and ways to integrate some of our course with business and technology. 

Feedback from our department was very positive and we found the trip to Olin to be very beneficial!

Hour of Code December 4th-8th 2017
Students participated in the hour of code this month. We evaluated options for coding and decided on using scratch for students to design their very own  based on  &
@Google logo using scratch.

In honor of #CSEdWeek, students we taught about computer science concepts by participating in the #HourofCode activity on @scratch:  link to Google Gif

In addition student work from our, AP Computer Science Class was showcased.  Students created videos to showcase their apps.  Hydration App

Thursday, November 9, 2017

GoosechaseEdu is an app for scavenger hunts!

GoosechaseEdu is an app that combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with mobile technology. Games consist of a series of missions that are completed by individuals or teams.

Applications for Education
Applications for Education Goosechase is great for team building for both students and adults. Games are customizable, they can be used for introducing new material or reviewing for a test. Goosechase is good for field trips as well.
Here is a link to the library

I plan on testing this out!