Tuesday, February 15, 2011


MESPA Weekly Chat topic on #edchat.
Watch the Animoto for more details about #edchat (Tuesday's @7:00 PM)
Did you participate in twitter #edchat discussion this evening?
Much of the conversation this evening focused around textbooks and e-readers.
I always enjoy videos produced by (Dr. Michael Wesch, assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University). Here is another interesting video that connects to the #edchat discussion this evening.

Enjoy the video and learning between our weekends.

By the way, I was in Best Buy yesterday and noticed there were QR codes on most of the products and flyers with directions to use with your phone.  Here is a video I found online showcasing Best Buy and QR Codes.

Post a comment and share what you are exploring this week.


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mrpceducator said...

Hi Everyone, I have been spending a number of hours just organizing all the material we received on Saturday the 12th organizing account usernames, passwords, revisiting different sites, and making a few updates. I had intended on participating with edchat last night but by time I finished preparing my wife's new laptop so that she could use it to access her medical records at work, picked up my daughters from school, and finished dinner it was 7 PM and when I got onto to twitter I couldn't remember how to set the hashtag. Will figure it out by next Tuesday.