Sunday, February 27, 2011

Social Learning Handbook

I just read the Social Learning Handbook by Jane Hart.  The book was a great review of many of the sites we use in our Professional Development and graduate class.  Jane does a great job connecting the "tools" with the role and desire to learn. A quote from the book regarding social media
 "This is an essential and defining point about social media; It has turned the concept of "learning" on its head. It's no longer about waiting to be taught or trained, but about individuals having the power in their own hands to deal with the learning problems much more quickly and efficiently than before."
The book looks at both theory and practice. In the first part of the book there is a focus on the worplace and learning the difference beween training and social learning.  The second part looks at many of the key social technologies and how they can be used to work smarter.  (More on the contents )
Below is a presentation to support the book and links to the the site  

Webiste and Top Tools
Jane on Twitter: @C4LPT  her pick of the day

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mrpceducator said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for all of the links and references to Jane Hart and the Diigo references to Stump the Teacher and videos on evernote. I learn something new about Evernote everyday and am definitely going to upgrade to Premium membership. I also plan on buying Jane Hart's book as soon as I get a chance. Wanted to watch the videos you provided us links to during my prep time today at school but unfortunately everthing I am trying to access appears blocked. I think it is going to take sometime for some districts to open up access to educators the resources online that can help all of us so much. Thanks again, Jim