Monday, February 21, 2011

Quabbin 2.0 Class

- Registration (FSU Form)
- Google Accounts 

Demonstrating Blogger and Google Docs to class.

Creativity and 21st Century Learning
Sir Ken Robinson - Video ASCD - Time 17:40
More on TED


Gary Spanish said...

Where can I get a coffee?

kam said...

i'm excited to learn about all this stuff!

Andrea Canfield said...

Great class!
"Just do it!"

Ms Verheyen-Cudjoe said...

Good Morning,
The snow is still falling and I am still learning.

Toni Brown said...

Good class so far!!

Kathleen Holwell said...

How do you edit comments?

Pam Dickson said...

This is amazing!!

kathy gardner said...

Hello all good