Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Doing more with Google Classroom, Assessments and Engagement!

As we prepared for our NEASC visit in a few months I have been working with teachers to collect information especially using rubrics for assignments and grading.  Last spring I worked with a colleague to use Doctopus and Goobric and it was rather a complicated process.

Now with Google Classroom (Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric = :) ... checkout the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0NXeDKPyls )  it works so much better! I have a half dozen teachers using this month and hope to get more on board next month.

Several Social Studies teachers attended a conference last month and came back very excited about Flipping the Classroom techniques and provide me a link to explore to explore a new app called Videonot.es it allows you to split the screen putting the video on the left and the ability to take notes on the right.  You can then share the notes or sync to Drive.  We are exploring using Screencast-o-matic however, teachers would like students to also record and provide feedback as well using  Chromebooks so I plan to test out (Screencastify) to record Google/Presentations in Spanish.

I learn so much connecting to other teachers online using Twitter and I am so grateful for all the screencasts and sharing from my PLN!  I am now excited to see several of my colleagues using Twitter and inquire about many to the techniques they are seeing at conferences and online!

During a PD session last month we did a Google/Web 2.0 Demo Slam.  After teachers seeing first-hand the success of their colleagues I have seen more teachers will to explore ways to streamline their classroom workflow and bring in new interactive tools, like Kahoot to engage students.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Computer Science Classes take on Hour of Code

Mrs. Clark's Computer Science students are programming daily in their course.  Check out course along with the class link here

Check out some of the student reflections
Matt link http://youtu.be/hSvLTyMRNjc

 DJ link http://youtu.be/CD_sLxYevbg

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hour of Code at Nashoba this week!

This week Nashoba High School students in several classes participated in the #HourofCode including our new Gaming course using GameMaker Studio. We used code.orgScratch and Tynker.com
Approximately 12 classes/300 student in Business/Tech Ed) were exposed to block coding which is a drag and drop introduction to coding and programming,

 During the week teachers tweeted out their success using #hourofcode and the sites they used.  We even received a "G'Luck" from Tynker this week!

Other areas that participated were  Mrs. Clark's and Dr. T's Computer programming classes, totaling approximately 400 students were exposed to The Hour of Code at Nashoba this week.

In addition, Sue Allaire from our Career Center/Guidance department will be hosting a "Career Spotlight Session" on Friday December 12th during activity period with professionals to discuss the role coding connected to jobs and careers!