Thursday, October 31, 2013

Using the iPad in the Classroom - The SAMR Model

I am reviewing the iPad Apps and the SAMR Model
The SAMR Model (SubstitutiionAugmentationMofidicationRedefinition), developed by educational consultant Dr. Ruben Puentedura, offers an exploration of the stages of technology adoption in education. It is particularly relevant to the adoption and integration of iPads and can be applied to the use of various educational apps and the associated uses of said apps.

I was looking for a little inspiration for new lesson ideas and plans and visited Richard Bynyrne site at this afternoon.  So many great apps to use with students.

Looking forward to working with Nancy and showcasing her blog /

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Much of the conversation at the  MassCUE & M.A.S.S. Conference yesterday was around Creativity and Inspiration and I see it every day in my high school.  So this morning I decided to check with with teachers in my department, take a few pictures of student work and engagement and post on twitter and update my blog.
Wood Production class making yard carts with engraved Red Sox/Patriot's logo with Mr. LeBlanc! 

Students in Mrs. Offt's Multimedia Class create E-Portfolio while Mr. A's Marketing Students use chromebooks for research. 


Graphic II students in Mr. Berube's class work on new Nashoba Mission Statement Posters. 
There are lots of grade this going on at Nashoba and and I hope to get more teachers blogging and tweeting about student work.

Tomorrow morning Journalism students will be hosting Morning Video Annoucements followed by a Career Day for students.

MassCUE & M.A.S.S. Technology Conference 2013

Yesterday I attended the  MassCUE & M.A.S.S. Technology Conference 2013 and had the opportunity to attend Tony Wagner's Keynote. I recently downloaded his new book Creating Innovators and plan read and checkout his videos.  Whenever I attend a conference my favorite part of the day is checking out what students are doing, so I headed to the student poster section where I got to see students from Mashpee High School present artifacts created with a 3D printer from their 3D Animation and CAD classes. I was so impressed with the students and teacher, Salvatore Nocella. My Department has been visiting the website for inspiration.  I then headed over to a session by Dean Shareski, I have been following him on twitter for years and I knew I had to see his presentation "Encouraging Creativity 5 Minutes at a Time"  I found his session inspiring and plan to put many of his suggestions into practice.

After lunch and a few pictures of the field at Gillette Stadium with a collegaue, Linda Offt I wanted to attend Jean Tower's session that she facilitated IGNITE Your Passion in Just Five Minutes.  A great group of educators and administrators spoke about topics in their school or district that inspired passion in their lives. It was very obvious when watching Greg Schwanbeck from Westwood present on implementing Chromebooks for every high school student. The Natick Superintendent, Dr. Sanchioni gave an amazing session on getting everyone on board and prepared to use technology.  Suzy Brooks, a teacher from Cape Code who is so inspiring shared her passion and goals along with other educators. I loved the session and their passion! I was starting to drag by the last session but had to make my way to Building a Student Journalism Program: Empowering PBL/Digital Literacies with Fred Haas and Sterling Worrell for Hopkinton.  I have been communicating with them over the last month to connect one of my amazing teachers, Jacquie Carter who is now teaching Journalism in order to collaborate

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing several of my former graduate students from Littleton, Quabbin, Mashpee and Groton attending the conference and lighting up as they talk about how embracing technology has changed their teaching and connected them to other educators. I also reconnected with other educators and colleagues for a day of inspiration.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Technology Planning - Project 24

We are getting ready to update our district technology plan this month and we were sent a link to Project 24, which is an urgent call to action for the need for systemic planning around the effective use of technology and digital learning to achieve the goal of "career and college ready.  Below is a video of Gail Pletnick, Superintendent of Dysart Unified School District in Arizona, she talks about the value of the Project 24 self assessment.  See the video below.

As an initial step to participating in Project 24, this self assessment includes a series of questions helping each district frame their vision for student learning, begin to recognize various aspects of the system to be addressed, and specify how technology can help align these efforts to achieve higher college- and career-ready standards. See what surprising things happened in Dysart at 1:1 ! To learn more about Project 24, visit

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twitter and Social Media for Collaboration and Community Connection

I have been using a variety of social media, particulaly twitter  for several years as professional development tool to connect with other educators.  I started using Twitter to follow a few key educators from conferences and graduate classes and find twitter the most important tool that I use for Professional Development.

I have noticed many schools are blogging and using micro-blogging (aka Twitter) to connect with students and family.

Here are a few local schools and educator that I follow:
  1. Burlington (former Principal, now Assistant Superintendent,
    Patrick Larkin
  2. Burlington Principal
  3. Our former principal, Mr. Roche 
  4. Tom Whitby and Tuesday night #edchat
  1. Bedford NH Bulldogs
  2. Wayland Student Press
    Twitter and twitter 
  3. How Journalist are using Social Media Google+ /Hangouts and more 
When working with students around the topic of Digital Citizenship I always encourage students to make sure their digital footrprint is appropriate and will assist them with applying to college or for a job.  Here is an interesting inforgraphic "College Student Guide to a Professional Profile".

I am sometime I am reminded that teachers may use social media professionally and it's to make sure we connect with how student may be using social networking tools and use it as a learning opportunity to educate students.