Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PD - Google Classroom

Today I conducted a PD Workshop on Google Classroom for a group of high school teachers. We will be working on a series of 45 minutes sessions over the next few months. The goal of today's workshop/Session 1 was to provide an overview of Google Classroom by having teachers join a class as a student and covering the topics below.
  1. Accessing classroom.google.com and Joining a Class
    - Class Code
  2. Posting an Announcement and link 
  3. Posting an Assignment (Set to make a copy) and turnin for grading
  4. Grade Assignment and return to student
  5. Show Classroom in Google Drive
  6. New Assignment feature to view all assignment
  7. Students can keep track of what’s due using the nwe Assignments page and begin working with just a click!
  8. Create your own class and share the code
  9. Interactive Training Modules for Classroom - learn more Synergyse (install)
  10. Mobile App for Classroom learn more here
  11. Survey for Feedback posted in the classroom and email alert.
I also have information posted in the Google Classroom and on my class site under Google here https://sites.google.com/a/mynrsd.com/nrh-marotta/google-classroom 

We managed to cover a lot of information in 45 minutes and I am anxious to work with teachers to implement over the next few months!