Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning from Twitter and inspired by others

I was online Sunday using twitter and found two tweets that sparked my interest.

1. Pat Larkin @bhsprincipal at Burlington High School, hosted a day of learning #ntcamp along with @gregkulowiec from Plymouth.  Yes, learning on the weekend.  The topic  'Choose Your Own Adventure' using YouTube/Spotlight. Here is an Intro video to the ntcamp.  The topic -  "How to Make an Interactive Lesson Using Youtube" On the site is an example of a "GMAT Choose Your Own Adventure"  In your Youtube account (you need to create the account), and then take some time to check out the Spotlight tool. Here is a tutorial that walks you through the process of using the tool. Greg Kulowiec @gregkulowiec particpated in the camp and blogged about his class social studies class implementing 'Choose Your Own Adventure'.  Greg was featured on WBUR's (90.0, Boston NPR Station) "Here and Now" program on February 18th.  This type of activity and learning connects to 21st Century Learning and Creativity as discussed with Sir Ken Robinson in this interview (Time 17:40 or on TED)
I tweeted the link out to a few of my teachers and today met with students to explain the concept.  The students are going to review the blog, video and tutorials and come up with their own Adventure and present it to me this week.

2. The second tweet that caught my interest was a project that incorporated Skype with the "World Read Aloud Day" which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9th. For details Maiers send out a tweet looking for people to sign up.  I am looking to recruit teachers in my school and my graduate program to take part in this event.

I continue to be amazed at all the learning and  24x7 PD that I can access on twitter.

Please share something you found on twitter that inspired your teaching and classroom.

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Mrs. Landry said...

Who says YouTube doesn't belong in schools! Interactive videos are a creative, way to engage students.
looking forward to seeing what or students produce.

I am also looking forward to Skyping for World Read Aloud Day!