Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Session Five

Session Five Presentations
Please upload your reflection, see below in presentation, in order to recieve your grades.
Group A - Post by 5/4 - Group B - Post by 5/11 - thank you!
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Practice using Aviary (audio file share in google docs)

Beethoven.egg on Aviary.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Practices .. A reflection

Hi Everyone -
I hope you are enjoying your week off. I wanted to share with you a presentation that I created for a graduate class that I am taking a Northeastern. Originally, I was asked to present the material in a meeting and it was later decided that we would meet online using BlackBoard and Wimba. I needed to provide a presentation, voice over and examples of best practices. See the presentation below.

Find more videos like this on Nashoba

I wanted to use Google Presentation but as discovered in class I was not able to incorporate audio. I used PowerPoint 2007 with Community Clips, and then linked to a google site. Feel free to view the presentation and visit the Google Site

I thought this might be a good example of a teacher portfolio as discussed in class last week.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Session Four - Sites and Portfolios

Summary of session four

Google Sites (e-portfolios and google sites)

Sample High School Portfolio link
High School Guidance Department Ashland link

Other - Use a Webcam to watch wildlife
MCAS video YouTube MCAS
Lunenburg - Pam Site

Hamlet video
Videos for math and science