Sunday, February 20, 2011

CoSN Releases Guide to Help School District Leaders Rethink Internet Use Policies

CoSN releases Guide to Help School District Leaders Rethink  Internet Use Policies

Please take the time to review and comment on the your schools districts policies around Web 2.0, Social Media and mobile devices.  We can further discuss and compare our districts in class.

The growing emergence of Web 2.0 and mobile devices has rapidly increased Internet use in schools across the country. Consequently, this has added to schools’ responsibility for dealing with safety and access issues,” said Dr. James Bosco, Principal Investigator for CoSN’s Participatory Learning in Schools: Leadership & Policy initiative. “This trend has also increased the need for district-level leadership to set policies that prevent potentially harmful and inappropriate Internet use, while also striking a balance with allowing access to these technologies to promote innovation in teaching and learning.”

More on Social Media Guidelines

I look forward to discussing with you in class.

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mrpceducator said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks Mary for pointing us to the CoSN and this guide. There is a lot of good information in the guide and believe it would really be helpful for the Ludlow School District to rethink their AUP policy and the use of technology in the classroom.

Currently in Ludlow the use of mobile devices of any kind are not allowed to be used by the students during school hours. Social Media sites and resources such as twitter and facebook are not allowed as well. Web 2.0 resources such as blogging is allowed when being carefully managed by the classroom teacher. The Ludlow School District has strict policies and procedures in place with the intention of protecting our students and is often reluctant to making any changes to the policies even though I see it as one of my responsibilities as a computer and technology teacher in teaching students how to utilize the internet and its vast amount of resources in a responsible manner, and to be held accountable for their online behavior and actions. I definitely see a need for AUPs, in relation to the use of Web 2.0, social media, and mobile devices to be updated to the current times so that we can better prepare our students for being responsible internet users in the future which should also provide them with the skill set that will aid them in being more successful in their education, careers, and their overall life. Thanks, Jim