Thursday, January 16, 2014

Using Social Media Responsibly - CommonSense Media

Earlier this year, when working with Journalism students I blogged about using Social Media responsibly and discussed students "Digital Citizenship". I wanted to share a link for Parents and Students provided by Commonsense Media (Advice for Parents and older teens) with some great topics, see below:

Teachers - Here is a great video from Commonsense Media/ High School Students Curriculum focused on Digital Literacy and Citizenship that is applicable for both teachers and parents.    In order to access the lesson plans you will need to sign into Commonsense Media as an educator to access the materials.

Here are some suggestion I shared with Journalism students earlier in the semester.
  1. My Tweets today (see twitter feed on my blog)
    - 12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media   - Twitter tips for high school journalists http:// 
    - Ten Ways journalists can use Twitter, before during and after reporting a story - Twitter tips for high school journalists 
  2. A Twitter Tutorial by 
  3. Top 7 Twitter Tutorials
In the past, during 8th Grade Opoen House meetings we have coordianted a panel with outside members from Law Enforcement and the DA's office to discuss trending topics in social media and a reminder for students to review their on line Digital Footprint.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blogging with Students

I am back blogging with Maura Bailey this month.  Maura tested out blogging the last June with her drama class.  She took pictures using the Blogger Mobile app and updated her blog.  We decided to hold off on students creating blogs last June but she promised to give it a try this year.  Here is a link to her blog but more importantly we created blogs for three classes and linked them to her blog.  Students are working on the Scarlett Letter and will be starting the Great Gatsby soon. I am a co-administrator on the blog.  I was able to add two classes to the blog roll and Maura added the third class over the weekend.  I am looking forward to this challenge!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Journalism Class - Field Trip to WCVB

Today, we took a group of students to WCVB TV station and had a great visit.  Susan Wornick was today's anchor was so great with the students!

Check out my tweets and pictures during the visit
@chieftain_chat getting great advice from Susan Wornick and Cindy Fitzgibbon

What a great way to connect students with internships and potential careers!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinterest test on post and sidebar

Showing teachers how to add Pinterest on or sidebar. I am part of a school book club.  We are reading "The Interactive Lecture" so I decided to show how to curate "Graphic Organizers" which we are discusssing this week using a Pininterest Boad and link to our blog -
Follow mmarotta's board Graphic Organizers on Pinterest.
Note: Pinterest Steps for Blog
Directions to create your own widget for Pinterest go here 
Make sure you copy your Pinterest board link for the widget

I created a "Graphics Organizer" board for teachers to curate information.  Everyone seemed to thing it was a great way to gather resources.

Graphics Organizers
I demonstrated using a Yoga Board below and showed how to used a widget tool to get this to work.

 Follow mmarotta's board Yoga and Fitness on Pinterest.

Option 2 Follow mmarotta's board Yoga and Fitness on Pinterest.

I am also trying to figure this out using Word Press blogging tool.

Follow mmarotta's board Quotes on Pinterest.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

We returned to school today and I have a list of resolutions that I hope try this year.  Some are very simple, connecting with more teachers and students about what they are learning in the classroom and hopefully a way to simplify many of the processes we have in place to make learning more engaging, challenging and fun.

5 Resolutions to Modernize your Teaching for 2014 - Repost and link to twitter!

I came across this great post by Dr. Justin Tarte on twitter this week.  He blogs at TeachThought and his post this week was 5 Resolutions to Modernize your Teaching for 2014.

To summarize -
There are countless ways we can make your classroom an even better place.
I particularly liked item 2 " No-Plan Friday.  This is a new approach I have been using in a class this semester.  I think it's a great way to get students to think outside the box.  Obviously, we still pan the the objectives of the lesson, but I have been leaving the activity and tool to use unplanned. 
  1. I will experiment with technology that scares me. 
  2. I will consistently try new approaches to learning. *
  3. I will teach through moments
  4. I will create a system that honors students.
  5. I will think literacy backwards.
Take few minutes to read his blog post and start a conversation with your students adn colleagues.

RT @justintarte: 5 Resolutions To Modernize Your Teaching For 2014 via @TeachThought