Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Math, Science and Windows Tablets

We are in the process of updating some of our staff Tablet PC's/Windows 7 with new Lenovo Yoga 12 Tablet PC's this month.  I surveyed the staff and decided to hold three after school training sessions and update my class site with Yoga/Windows 8 resources.

Session one focused on the following:
Getting Started - Basics/Level 1 (9/15/2015)
  1. Windows Basics 8 (touch screen) basics link
    - Arranging icon and pinning programs
  2. Projector Wireless Connection (Epson - install software)
  3. Inking with Journal / Sending a PDF  - Print Journal to ink
    - Different Papers/background
  4. Inking in MS-Word
  5. Snipping Tool - Ink and Annotate
  6. Adding an APP (example Graphing Calculator, etc)
    - Explore APPS for content area
  7. Homework: Practice the above 
The session went great. It got everyone on the same page and excited to use the new features.
For the few teacher that missed the session, I was able to meet with the during their prep periods to day and review session one so they can join us for session two next month.

Upcoming Topics for Session two

Level 2  - Meeting 2 (10/20th )
  1. Review (Projector, Journal and Word Inking)
  2. Apps - Recommend to Colleagues
    - Math editor
  3. OneNote 2012 should be installed (may need to be added to Yoga 12's)
  4. Recording your screen (screencastify or screencast-_matic)
  5. Publish and Post to Google Site / Classroom
  6. OneNote - Basics
Taking the time to explore the features of touch screen, Windows 8 and the inking capabilities was very informative for all teachers!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mentoring Meetings and Technology with Google Classroom

Last week I had the chance to attend the new mentor meeting to introduce myself and discuss technology in the building.  The district mentor meetings start at 3:30 so I can going to focus on the high school teacher needs prior to the meeting.  

Last week we discussed a few options  and we decided to start with joining a Google Classroom and creating a class.  I also setup up "Staff Meeting" class site to help gather information disseminated at staff meeting and hope to introduce the discussion option.   I think it will be helpful for the new staff to see the student view of opening and assigning documents.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Grade 8 1:1 Chromebook Initiative and Digital Footprint

Tomorrow our district will embark on our Grade 8 1:1 Chromebook initiative with Mr. Newton (@GreggNewtonNRSD) at Hale Middle School. We will be reviewing Chromebook Guidelines (Read more here) along with the importance of managing your online presence that I discuss with high school students on my class site.

Here are a few resources that we will use:

Digital Footprint / Commonsense Media

Discussion Topics - The Good - The Bad and The Ugly
- Presentation/Prezi for incoming Freshmen / Digital Footprint

THINK before you post .......

Consequences of Posts and please remember to "THINK" before you post or publish!



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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Back!

We are back to school!  Teacher are updating their Classroom Websites this week.  A few teachers wanted to have their twitter-feed appear on their Google site.  As a reminder, check out my class site and note under the Google Menu there are  tips on embedding a twitterfeed to your site.  I was happy to see the presentation on Digital Learning on opening day and the discussion around SMAR.  Our HS staff have been working on the SAMR model and posted reflections last year.

Additionally, there will be new features with Google Classroom coming soon!

Keep students engaged with question-driven discussions 

Since Classroom launched last year, teachers have been using their class stream to host student debates, Q&A and discussions. Starting today, you’ll be able to do this in a more collaborative way. You can post questions to your class and allow students to have discussions by responding to each other’s answers (or not, depending on the setting you choose). For example, you could post a video and ask students to answer a question about it, or post an article and ask them to write a paragraph in response.

Reuse posts 

You know those lessons that worked so well last year that you want to use them again? Now you can reuse assignments, announcements or questions from any one of your classes — or any class you co-teach, whether it’s from last year or last week. Once you choose what you’d like to copy, you’ll also be able to make changes before you post or assign it.

Calendar Integration 

In the next month, Classroom will automatically create a calendar for each of your classes in Google Calendar. All assignments with a due date will be automatically added to your class calendar and kept up to date. You’ll be able to view your calendar from within Classroom or on Google Calendar, where you can manually add class events like field trips or guest speakers.

In case you missed it 

We know YouTube is an important source of educational content for many schools. Because it also contains content that an organization or school might not consider acceptable, last month we launched advanced YouTube settings for all Google Apps domains as an Additional Service. These settings give Apps admins the ability to restrict the YouTube videos viewable for signed-in users, as well as signed-out users on networks managed by the admin. Learn more here.

Read the Google for Education blog and posed comments for more details!

Great advice about growing professional each day. Set aside 10 minutes and i would highly recommend learning to use Twitter as a professional development resource.  There are many chats available to specific content.  Or start small and follow a few people that may inspire you!

Here's to a great year!