Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video, Audio, Mashups and more

Last month I worked on Oral History Projects with several classes using their mobile devices, (mostly iphones) and published their interviews to YouTube and then linked to their E-Portfolio.  Students uploaded their videos to YouTube and many need to rotate the video and add screen captions, so we used the YouTube Video Editor.  This got me thinking about different project I would do with students and introducing Mashups to the class.  I found a blog post by Alice Keeler on Students Submitting YouTube Videos and Student Video Mash Up with YouTube and plan to explore with students next month.  There was even a Pinterest board on Student Video Mashups with YouTube that I can't wait to explore!  I already pinned to my class Multimedia Board.   We will be exploring several media options we we return from spring break.  We will look at creating tours with Google tour Builder, Audio Editing (Audacity, Sound Cloud /TwistedWave) Pixlar for banner editing for Google Site along with the YouTube Editor and WeVideo.


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