Friday, April 11, 2014

Learning and GAFE Bootcamp

I am spending a few days this week attending a two day Google Bootcamp to become a certified Google Educator and then a certified trainer along with 60+ other local educators. To become certified we need mastery of four required subjects (Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Drive, Sites and 1 elective) more detail here. I have been using Google tools for years, and now we hope to make it official by becoming a Google Educator which will recognize us for our mastery of four required subjects plus an elective.  If all goes well this month we will receive a Google Educator certificate by passing the five related exams (small fee for examination).  To pass the test you must score 80 or higher or wait a week and retake the test again.  There is more details on the testing site here  Once that is complete, I can then move to the certified trainer portion of the application.  

The Assabet Valley Collaborative has organized the bootcamp and we are using twitter #avcmaboot).  I took the Google Sites test, it was 60 questions timed for 90 minutes. It was a good reivew of the features of sites.  I will be back in class tomorrow for learning! The best part of the workshop is connecting with so many colleagues!  We are asked to share a tool at the end of the day and I thought I would show Smore for a flyer to showcase what we are learning!
My flyer link


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