Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exploring Multimedia and curation with class today!

This week I am teaching students in a Multimedia class how to cruate information.  We are using a few new tools.
  1. Pinterest - Curate topics of Interest (example Multimedia Board for class)
  2. Flipboard - Magazines
  3. Students will be making Screencast-O-Matic 
  4. How to Guides using SnapGuide 
  5. Smores Flyer (see below) to publish a lesson
    I created the assignment using Smores link and embedded the content below.

Follow mmarotta's board Quotes on Pinterest 

Tips to post Pinterest to Blog Directions  to create your own widget for Pinterest, go here 
You can copy it to a Blog Post or better yet add as a gadget to your sidebar!

Flipboards is another curation tool.  I created a Multimedia Book and invited another person to co-curate with me.  Here is the link to the book on Multimedia http://flip.it/mX2DI 

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Note: When using Flipboard, I have experienced issues with logging in with my Google+ account and unable to access on my mobile device.  The tip seems to be create your account first on your mobile device and then log in using the web.

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Sarin Samuel said...

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