Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Google Educator Certification

After taking Google Bootcamp a few weeks ago I tackled the Google Certification tests and I am now a qualified Google Educator, which will allow me to apply to be a Google Certified Trainer. The process involves the taking and passing the tests.  See below for more details.

1. Taking and passing the tests –There are five (5) Google Apps tests  (Sites, Drive/Docs, Calendar Gamil and a choice/elective) to become a Google Educator Certification Exams. You are timed when taking the test, you get 90 minutes for each multiple choice test, and to be honest I found them very challenging.  Not only do you need to a strong teacher user experience wiht GAFE, but a more techincal background with Mail, Calendar and Chrome. They offer Training Modules Site to review prior to the taking the tests.  I found the test to be challenging and more technical than I anticipated.  With this part of the process completed I am in the process of preparing a portfolio to be evaulated to become a Google Certified Trainer. There is a review cycle next week and another one in August.

2.  Google Certified Trainer -  the application process – Passing the tests awards you Google Educator Certificaiton for a eighteen months. But to become a Google Certified Trainer, you must be approved by Google via an application process. You can see the application here – it consists of an array of essay questions, a case study, a record of your previous workshops/speaking events/etc and user-created videos.  I reviewed the overview for the case study, essay questions and videos.  Let the brainstorming begin!

Stay tuned!

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Atal Vishwas said...

Google education certification programs are really great for people like us who want to start teaching as a career option. It just makes one a better teacher.