Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Digital Footprint - Current Event Assigment 4 - Twitter (Week ending March 28th)

This week's Digital Footprint topic is the appropraite use of Twitter and consequences.

Below is a tweet sent out by a High School Senior at
Pembrook High School.  A baseketball player stripped of an award after sending out an inappropirate this week.

As part of of our ongoing discusstion on managing your Digital Footprint, we work on this assignment in class this week.

  1. Read the article comments and watch the video
    Note: additional article
  2. Go to your blog and create a post called Digital Footprint Assignment 3 Twitter.
  3. Reflect on the article on your blog.
  4. Do you think the punishment fits the crime and why?
  5. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  6. Submit your opinion using the "Poll" on the sidebar after competing the above assignments.
Other Local Issue
Sexting in high school and the legal consequences

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