Friday, September 21, 2007

Review Class for new users

Welcome - Topics for today

Did You Know video

Why are you here?

How has the Internet changed?
How do students use the web?
Pay Attention Video

What is Web 2.0? The Machine is Us/ing

What is a blog?
Getting started reading blogs

Create a Blog in Blogger, YouTube downloads and other tips
Using TeacherTube to create a blog using blogger.

What are some interesting sites that work in a blog?(YouTube, TeacherTube, Skype)
Subscribing to website/Blog
RSS in Plain English(Real Simple Syndiction)

Your School Portal - School Center Tutorials

Google has more to offer when you sign in to your Google Account. You can customize pages, view recommendations, and get more relevant search results. ...
Google Accounts

Google Reader Tour (a quick tour)

igoogle (tour in YouTube) making gadgets and share

Google docs watch a video of Google docs in Plain English

Other terms
Wikis in Plain English
Social Networking in Plain English

Sample Wiki on Skype in Education

Digital Students @ Analog Schools - Marco Torres
How can this new technology enhance student learning?

iTunes, Podcasting, Skype and more

New Hardware (tablet/pcs, document cameras, Senteo clickers, Smartboards and E-Instruction)

Define .... What do you want to learn?

Review the class blog and links before our next class.
Post a respone in the blog using your google account.


AP History Blog said...

This is very interesting!

Peggy P said...
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Sab's Mathletes said...

I can't believe I'm published!

mathgeeksrule said...

It is a bit overwhelming at this point, but the prospect of using a blog to communicate with students and parents is interesting

Peggy P said...

I like the igoogle. I really like the blogger. I really want to learn about video use in class.

Thank you very much,

S Lizotte said...

I am not sure where we are supposed to post for our next class meeting. I want to talk about my experience with the Senteo clickers, but I don't see where we are supposed to do that.