Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thinking about taking the Fall hybrid class?

If you are thinking about taking the upcoming fall class and you did not take the course last June then please sign up for the one day prequiste class for new users to be held on Sat 9/22 (time location etc)see Karen Martin to signup. Based on your requests we will offer as a hybrid class. Part of the course will be hands-on and the second part will be using the class blog, Web 2.0 tools and the new equipment acquired from the last class.

New Class Integrating Technology to Support DI - Part II
Class Date:
Dates - 10 hours per month (5 meeting and 5 online) Meet 20 hours * 4 hours online 20 hours * 5 hours

1. Wed 9/26/07 (3:15-7:15pm)1a. week ending - 10/11/07
(following weeks 5 hours - assignments)
2. Wed 10/24/07(3:15-7:15) 2a. week ending - 11/9/07
3. Wed 11/28 (3:15-7:15) 3a. week ending 12/6/07
4. Wed 12/12 (3:15-7:15) 4a. week ending 1/11/07
5. Wed January 30 (3:15-7:15) wrap-up session


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