Sunday, September 23, 2007

PART II - Integrating Tech to Support DI - Week 1 - In-Class Session Wed 9/26

New Class Integrating Technology to Support DI - Part II
Class Date:
Dates - 10 hours per month (5 meeting and 5 online) Meet 20 hours * 4 hours online 20 hours * 5 hours

Class One
In Class - Wed 9/26/07 (3:15-7:15pm)
1. Registration, Syllabi, Review of Web 2.0 topics and new hardware. Class Blog, direction of class and assignments.

2. Document Camera Ken-a-vision
Instruction Manual
Applied Vision Software User Guide
Problem with installation and fix *new software due out in December 07

3. Senteo interactive response system (download for software) CD out of date, regitration code, see Peggy.
Schedule for evaluation for class see below
High School
1.Foreign Language Department Week 1 – (October 1-5th) *Peggy Proctor will facilitate training and support (note Peggy passes to Martha)
2. English (Martha, Errinanne and Nicole) will use 10/9 – 10/16 **Martha will facilitate (Martha will then pass to Sherry at the elementary school)
3. Sherry at the Elementary/Primary School 10/17- 10/22 *Sherry will return back to Peggy on 10/22 - Not sure there is anyone else from class in this building??

Middle School (Steve’s mac will not accommodate at this time)
4. Steve’s mac o/s will not accommodate at this time.

Peggy bring back to class on 10/24 back for the second class.
*As mentioned in class, please keep locked and secure when not in use.

4. Subscribe to Subscribe to Techology and Learning Magazine, Edutopia and EdCompass Newsletter from SMART Technologies and configure your coogle read for topics of interest.

5. Class Blog postings
6. K-12 Online Conference
Welcome to the K-12 Online Conference!
The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from all educators from around the world who are interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This is a FREE conference run by volunteers and open to everyone, no registration is required. The conference theme is “Playing with Boundaries”. The 2007 conference begins with a pre-conference keynote the week of October 8, 2007. The following two weeks, October 15-19 and October 22-26, forty presentations will be posted online to the conference blog (this website) for participants to download and view. Live Events in the form of three “Fireside Chats” and a culminating “When Night Falls” event will be announced. Everyone is encouraged to participate in both live events during the conference as well as asynchronous conversations
7. Assignments between Sessions (Learn -Practice-Apply in Class-Assess-Share)
8. Online portion of class before next session.* Class Blog and K-12 Online Conference (poster to share with a colleague) review/participation.

Look at PBwiki and the tour. My pbwiki site
Note: A blog is about conversation and a wiki is more of a collaborative tool/site.

Online Topic - 1a. week ending - 10/11/07 (following weeks 5 hours - assignments)
See above topics 5-8

2. Wed 10/24/07(3:15-7:15) 2a. week ending - 11/9/07
Sharing of lesson, moving forward with Tablet PC's and multimedia carts.
K12 Online Conference
Blog (your class blog or School Center Site)

3. Wed 11/28 (3:15-7:15) 3a. week ending 12/6/07
Video Editing Tools and postings (MovieMaker, VoiceThreads, TeacherTube)

4. Wed 12/12 (3:15-7:15) 4a. week ending 1/11/07
Online Assessment of Project - Share with district

5. Wed January 30 (3:15-7:15) wrap-up session


nkromer said...

I am looking forward to part II of this class. I have already used some of the technology I have learned about in my open house with parents, and with my students. My students are just as excited as I am about this class. - Nicole

mathgeeksrule said...
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Michelle said...

I can not wait to try the document camera as a tool to facilitate read alouds and graphic organizers in the classroom!

Michelle said...

ohhh I also liked the clickers alot!

nkromer said...

I am still excited about using these technogogies within my classroom. I look forward to using the clickers in reading checks and review for tests and quizzes.

Sab's Mathletes said...
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Peggy P said...

I am really excited about having time to experiment with these new tech tools -- creating a blog that I can use frequently in my classroom as well as learning to use the clickers in class. To be honest, I was surprised at how interested I was about the clickers. It's a great hook for kids as well as a great way to present a lesson and immediately assess student learning.


S Lizotte said...

Hello Mary,

I'm looking forward to using the clickers in conjunction with a practice SAT test for my juniors (and potentially MCAS practice tests for my sophomores). I'm looking forward to continuing what we started in June. Here's to a great fall!

Martha Cheesman said...

I am looking forward to creating some SAT practice exercises to be used with the Senteo clickers.
I also want to re-activate my blog for literature. I may use it with a writing workshop that I am teaching for peer feedback.

esnyder said...

I want to try the document cameras as soon as possible with my AP class so that we can immediately critique in-class writing assignments. I also plan to try the clickers for SAT review questions and perhaps with my 9th graders for mythology review games.

AP History Blog said...

Hey Mary, Great class. I am really wanting to develop my blog for both my Psych class and my AP history class. Do you have any clues as to how to post Newsweek, Psychology Today, Boston Globe or New York Times articles without paying subscription fees? Also, I'm really interested in getting a lap top. Any hints on how to write a grant for one? Thanks for your help.

Mike said...

I am looking foward to exploring the new technology that the school has purchased. I liked the clickers and am very interested in utalizing the smartboard to teach my students how to use some of the programs on the computer.

Sara said...

I am really impressed with the clickers. I think there are a lot of implications for those. I'd also like to explore the document camera. That would be fun to use when we hatch chicks in the classroom. We can hook it up to the incubator. Fun Fun Fun!!

Martha Cheesman said...

I am looking forward to creating some SAT practice exercises to be used with the Senteo clickers.
I also want to re-activate my blog for literature. I may use it with a writing workshop that I am teaching for peer feedback.

Sarah said...

I call the clickers next! I'm excited about using the tablet in my class...I think the kids will eat it up! I only hope that the school system can support all the cool stuff that we want to do. Finally we're moving into the 21st century!

Steve A said...

Wow!! I am looking forward to experimenting with new technology. The trick, as always, how to intergrate technology as a tool to facilitate learning. All to often technology is used as a flashy gizmo. I often find I need to fool around with stuff and discover how technology can help students learn.

Christa P said...

I am also excited about all of this new technology coming into our district. I am interested in exploring the smartboards to see what I can do with them at the primary level.

mathgeeksrule said...

I cannot wait to get the sentio clickers at THMS. Can we have them after LHS for MCAS review made fun?

Ken-a-vision will also make homework, test corrections quicker and more meaningful

Sherri B said...

I need to test this, I typed a whole long comment, but I don't see it posted!!

Sherri B said...

Okay, it worked! I hope we have a tablet and especially the projector at the elementary school. I can't wait to try the clickers. Fifth graders will go wild over them. I'd like to use them for pre-tests and little "What we know about..." activities. Also for math assessments or individualized work. I agree with Peggy - it would be cool to divide the class in half and have like a game show contest using the clicker instant feedback. Anything to get them jazzed up!!

JBeardmore said...

I am looking forward to trying out the clickers. I'm feeling scattered in terms of where to concentrate my energy and time. I want to integrate this with my new online textbook. - Jessie

kay said...

Thanks for the introduction to the new tools on the cart. I'm thinking of integrating a work of art with the use of the clickers (providing Peggy will share her knowledge and experience with her first "go around.")

Peggy P said...

I have been playing around with the Senteo Smart Technologies since we left class. I have created assessment with the multiple choice questions. I am having trouble getting the green light to work on the receiver. I will try at school tomorrow. I also have played around with inserting video. You can definitely insert the video link but so far I haven't figured out how to embedd it in the slide.

There is definitely a lot of possibilities with this!


JBeardmore said...

Help! I know that it was previously stated that we don't have the right USB drives for the document camera. Mine seems to fit without a problem. So, I've been trying to install the software. I deleted flash from my desktop (the icons) but I know this doesn't uninstall. Where can find flash on my computer? I tried All Programs, and Accessories? Thanks.