Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recap - Video response reflection

I have been exploring Let's Recap this month with a few classes.  Recap here is the link provides teachers with a creative way to gather evidence of student thinking using video. It helps create new learning connections between students and teachers and allows you to share that information! They have a great blog with lots of great ideas.  Our PLT has been focusing PBL (Project-Based-Learning) and had a great post on using Recap for Essential Questions (EQ).

I tested out this week with a few Spanish classes and the kids were very engaged.  
After they got over being silly with the webcam on them the teacher, Ms. Barr asked them a few questions and they were able to respond in minutes.  

We all got to review each other's video projecting them in class.  The teacher then has the option to share individual links, that could be shared with parents or share the entire class reel with other teachers.  Ms. Barr then shared the Review Reel with with me and other members of her department!

We could review all the video responses linkWe plan on showing at an upcoming staff meeting as a new and innovative way to use technology and the chromebooks.  

It was an awesome way to showcase the Spanish class and I am looking forward to future video reels! I see this as a great way for students to share their learning using video and it lends itself perfectly to language classes.

This also got me thinking about our 9th grade student using Chromebooks this year and how I could collect video reflections and share with our community. I have this a try in class today and here are a few samples of the responses (one /two) or watch the video reel!

Stay tuned for more video reflections with Recap!

NEXT compare with Flipgrid One (coming in 2017) blog

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