Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#ObserveMe Model on Twitter

 Are you doing something creative in your classroom and want to share with your colleagues. Then share on twitter using #observeme.  If you see a sign on a door the teachers door or if someone tweets out #observeme with a school hashtag then use this as PD option.
Here is some inspiration from I found on twitter from Robert Kaplins Glenrock Consulting blog.  
The blog suggests we lack an openness to collaborate because of the fear of being judge.  If you work in a culture like this then consider starting a change. The blog post suggests "the change starts with us leading by example and checking our insecurities and pride at the door. We must acknowledge that one of the best ways to improve practice is to have colleagues observe one another and provide suggestions for improvements. We should welcome others’ constructive feedback and practice giving it as well. Without it we aren’t able to adjust our practice and improve".  Below are a few tips to help get you started.

  • List what you want feedback on.
  • Consider including an observation tool like this Levels of Classroom Discourse one from Principles to Action so it is easier for observers to give you actionable feedback.
  • Print out the sign and put in on your door or window (maybe with a pile of observation tools nearby).
  • Then, take a picture of it and tweet it out using the hashtag #ObserveMe.
I  am doing this later today!

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