Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are you learning this week?

Please post a comment sharing any tools that you tried this week or blogs that you found interesting in the matrix.

Remember to check your colleagues blogs and wikis on the class wiki page and provide them with a comment/posting.

Antoher product to explore Jing, it allows you to capture anything you see on your screen, along with your voice (if you have a microphone) and share it an image or short movie. This is a great tool for math teachers that have tablets. You must download the software to your computer. Here is the video to learn more. I will cover in our next class.

Although you do not have the entire week off, I hope you get to rest and enjoy the few days you do have off next week.


Sandy Laserte said...

Checked out your "twitter" sounds provocative!! had commented and was not sure I wanted to post? where do all of these go? do I use my "real name" for responses.

Karma Tousignant said...

I taught igoogle and google documents to juniors that are taking the Career and College Portfolio Course. The students loved it! At the same time, the counselor in my office that teaches the course got to learn, so we can now use this tool on projects we both work on. The last thing I did was set up a wiki for a small group of counselors from our state organization that are working on a presentation for our spring conference. These tools are proving to be extremely useful in our school counseling ofice!

Steve A said...

Been busy trying out a bunch of things. I've used the wordle for several classroom presentations. It was a great way to display student survey results in an engaging way. I also did a lot of fooling around with the school digital camera and related photo software. It is amazing what features are built in and what can be manipulated. It is resulting in my being able to help the kids in their visual podcast projects produce better quality images. One big aha was how the macro setting on the camera creates a much better image of documents than scanning. The photo software enhanced the pic's so that they look clean, clear and awesome. I've also started to set up a "family" wiki. The intent is to try and get my family (located in CA, UT & MA), to cross communicate with each other in a simple and focused way. It was interesting to work with my father (72) as he traveled through some of the features. It is still in "beta" form and only time will tell if it becomes a tool.

Mrs. Connery's Class said...

My students love blogging! I am going to be setting up literature circle pages for them to comment to one another. Currenty my 2 book groups have used my book talk page and all of my students have used the school web site to blog. I was wondering how to paste a wordle onto my home page. Any ideas?

Annica Scott said...

I have enjoyed using the blog in my class and hope to use it even more. Thank you for the "matrix" reference. It is great to be able to browse through the blogs of other educators.

I had "Wordle" as a link on my blog but removed it when I checked on day and there was a huge swear pasted across the center of the page.