Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uses for Blogs in Education Matrix

Thi wiki site has a collection of blogs in an educational matrix.

Enjoy browsing and feel free to comment. You can also use Google's web-based feed reader google reader to keep up with blogs and newsgoogle reader to subscribe to the blogs.


Karma Tousignant said...

wow, so many blogs! I like how the site identifies the blogs that are award winning (Will Richardson's is one of them) - it made it much easier for me to know where to start clicking!

Sandy Laserte said...

Okay - I am overwhelmed with all of this great info and want to save it to my own blog and get others to visit it but am having trouble figuring out where to save to and how to get others to view - I visited Mike C.'s Christmas video and commented but am not really sure if he will get the comment!! I need more practice. My notes are not helping me!! Sandy said...

I saw some interesting blogs and while I was searching for some FL blogs I ran into a nice community service blog that seemed at first (by title) to be Spanish--only to find out it was in Brazil and Portuguese. Cool. My Spanish II kids have been really taking advantage of my quiz for extra credit on my blog. Yeah!