Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Month's Teaching and Learning Magazine

The first night of class I had all of you sign up for a few free magazine subscriptions. Last month we discussed the Zamzar tool (download YouTube Video) to have available offline to cut down on the school bandwith issues.

Please post a commnet if you are recieving Technology and Learning Magazine. This months issue has a review on "clickers"

Clickers Rule!
by Susan Bush and Susan McLester
Rapid responders are the new classroom essential.

More on the magazine

Hopefully, the magazine will keep you well informed on technology trends long after the class ends.


esnyder said...

I just read the article about 'clickers' and am now rethinking my initial response to the clickers. When I played with them in my room, the kids loved it, but I wasn't sure if the time needed to create the quiz, etc. and then set everything up was worthwhile. This article made me think about other ways I could use them. The idea of collecting all kinds of data is interesting and would give me instant information regarding what my students have learned, understood, and maintained.

Michelle said...

What I liked about the article was all the different clicker opt all set out in one place so you could do the comparison and not have to go hunting around to find the info. I would be scared to use something with so many buttons at the primary level because the kids would be hitting all of the buttons, I think down here we would need a 2 button clicker..

Michelle said...
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Peggy P said...

I did sign up for the magazine but have not received it. I would love to read the article on clickers.

Sherri B said...

I also signed up for both magazines, but have not received anything. I signed up that day in the tech lab. Did others who didn't receive the mags do the same thing?

On another note: my computer must be awfully slow. I've been waiting for what seems like forever to upload a power point slide show to my wiki. I'm in the attachment feature. Are there better ways to do this?

Mary Marotta said...

Peggy - You can read the article online at

It may take a few months to get in the subscription loop. Here is the link to the online magazine

Or to sign up/ renew

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