Thursday, November 29, 2007

A celebration on 1/30 to showcase your work!

What a great class last night! I went home feeling a sense of accomplishment watching all of you capture your video and knowing that it works. What a relief! Our next class on 12/12 please bring your video in order to edit and post your best practice.

I mentioned in class that after attending the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. in Nashua this week, I realized they majority of the topics at the conference are being covered in our class, (Smartboards, Clickers, Tablets, Web 2.0 Tools, blogs, wikis, rss, igoodle, video, etc). The progress that we have made in a few short months is significant!

I sent a message to Karen Martin suggesting our last class on 1/30 be a celebration to showcase our Best practices videos and to continue the conversation about Web 2.0 tools, emerging technologies and their impact on Lunenburg students. We can discuss the best process to communicate our needs in a positive manner. Maybe a VoiceThread (group conversations around images, docs and videos) exercise on the blog! I would like to extend an invitation to a few people in my district.

We can discuss this at our next class and determine an agenda. I think it’s important that your administration and colleagues see your progress!

Feel free to comment with your thougths!

- Mary


Christa said...

Does anyone know how to change the title of a wiki page? I accidentally typed a word wrong and I would very much like to correct it.

Mary Marotta said...

You can change the name on the top of the page by editing the page. You can also change the name in the sidebar, however once you have named the page, I don't think you can rename the page in the drop down list. A workaround, cut and paste onto a new page and delete the old page. Hope this helps!

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