Monday, December 10, 2007

More classroom ideas for wikis and blogs

Here are some more wiki ideas for the classroom.

More idea for blogging in the classroom


Christa said...

I think that the idea of using wiki's in the classroom sounds great, however I teach first grade and my kids can barely read and write at this point. I think that the wiki's are great for the higher grades. I can't wait until my own children become introduced to this whole new world of technology at school.

Michelle said...

I too like the idea of using themin the class and the first article gave me the thought of an annotated guided rdg. list and activities to do for parents and kids... I do not think our kids at first grade are ready to tackle writing on a blog or a wiki they have a lot of trouble with regular writing. Maybe an idea would be to write out their comment first then type it on th ecomputer or have a parent volunteer type with them... I think it would be a good site for parents to organize the PTO or books and beyond etc. tho.

Mike said...

I think that the whole idea of wiki's is a good one. However, as Christa stated about her students, it is the same with me. I do think that I could use it with the parents...Don't really know how...Have any ideas....

Also, I would have to introduce the concept of a wiki to my parents.

I think that the Blog is a much better tool for us in first grade.