Thursday, November 29, 2007

VoiceThread - Technology in the Classroom Sample from Maine

I mentioned a voicethread sample yesterday that I saw at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. Cheryl Oakes from the Wells-Ogunquit School community in Maine showed her school blog and presentation to the school committee using Voicethread. A new tool that seems to be gaining popularity in the blogging community, here is the link. - or

If you want to leave a comment (voice or text) you have to have create an account (Voice thread is a group conversations around images, docs and videos. Transform your presentations, )

If you have time to experiment with the site let me know what you think!

This could be another way to demostrate a best practices instead of moviemaker.

Here is a link to the wiki at Christa with all their links/handouts.
Mary Marotta


Cheryl Oakes said...

Mary, Thanks for spreading the word about VoiceThread, it is a great tool, free!
Cheryl Oakes

Mary Marotta said...

Hi Cheryl -
It was great to meet you at the conference and our conversation in the blog session inspired me to share with our class!