Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pocket DV Cameras (Flip Video and AIPTEK)

There are many low end video devices to record student work to post to the web. Will Richardson is talking about the Flip Video in his blog http://weblogg-ed.com/2007/testing-flip-video/

I would like to test out the two devices with the class (FLIP and AIPTEK). One advantage to the AIPTEK model, I can record to a memory card and have multiple cards for students to use. It appears the Flip model would require students to pull their video immediately from the camera so another student could use.

Do you have a digital camera that will let you record a video? Try taking the video off the camera and saving to a computer. We can experiment with this in our next class.

Flip Video Ultra Series 60-min. Camcorder - Black (F260)
• Point-and-Shoot Video Camcorder For MPEG 4
• 2x Digital Zoom
• 0.31MP Digital Still
• 1.5" LCD Monitor
• Records in VGA-Quality Recording
• LCD Features Color TFT LCD Display, VGA Playback, Battery Information Display, Easy Color Menu System, LCD, 640 x 480 Resolution

2. Aiptek Zoom-DV 6MP Digital Camcorder
Note I have the Pocket DV model 5800, but could not find online.
• Digital Camcorder For MPEG 4; Works with Secure Digital Memory Card
• 3x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom
• 3MP CCD Video Resolution ; 6.0 Megapixel Digital Still
• 2.4" LCD Monitor
• Records in MPEG4 Video Clip Format
• LCD Features LCD
• 2GB Built-In Storage
• Flash Modes: Red-Eye Reduction
• White Balance: Fine
• Includes Adapter
• 2.5 "; 1.5 Lb.


Mike said...

I have a camera that has a video component and so does the school..I have used both in presentations I have made. When working with Photostory or Moviemaker, adds a different dimension instead of just all stills.

Christa P said...

My camera has a video component but I am not sure how to use it. I will be happy to bring it to class to play around with. Actually it would be nice to learn how that works.

Steve A said...

I recently bought a similar camera ($79). I like the fact that it uses AA batteries instead of a non swappable ones. I have a batch of rechargeables so it is easy to swap batteries. My goal is begin capturing student work and posting it on the web. I'll try it during the next weeks to see how well it works.

Steve A said...

I forgot to add that it also uses a memory card which can be upgraded for additional memory.

Mary Marotta said...

What type of camera do you have?
Does it use a memory card?

The tablet should have a location to insert the SD card. I used a Lexar JumpDrive Trio that lets me plug a memory card directly into my usb port. You may need to bring a cable with you to class to pull in the video.

Peggy P said...

The school has 2 video cameras. I have used to them to film student performances and have supervised student use of them. It is great to import it to movie maker and be able to edit it. One problem that I have encountered is there are few computers at school that we can stream the video off the camera. What's that called..Firewire enabled?

FYI -- I missed blogging last week. I have been engrossed in tablet and clickers. I did a lesson today -- quite impromptu I might add using the tablet, snip it tool to capture web page and inked! I accessed a internet link activity from our book website. This one was a website for a pharmacy in Argentina. Normally, those types of activities are done in the library and the students hand in a sheet at the end or they are assigned outside of class. I used it as an activity to show how students can read authentic materials and understand for meaning without knowing all the words. I snipped the bulleted list from the website which explained what services the pharmacy had to offer. The kids had a handout. We scanned each bulleted item, I highlighted words that they recognized or could figure out as they scanned for meaning -- It worked great! Because we were working on one webpage as a class rather than them all looking at individual computer screens and copying their neighbor's paper, I could control the pace, discussion and it was easy to keep them on task and reading the snipped piece.

I have been trying to get Derek or Beth as I need a longer internet cord in order to have access in the center of the room --which is where I need it. I should have videotaped this lesson -- Physically it was interested to see all the sea of desks shoved together trying to see the tilted screen as we were all huddled in the corner. I can't wait to be able to use it in the center of the room where all can see well.

Steve A said...

Hi, I have a Mustek DV8200. I've taken it home over the Thanksgiving break to try it out. It uses 2 AA batteries. It's tiny and my goal was to use it to begin experimenting with video in the classroom.

Michelle said...

I have a high tech camera with video but I have no idea where to begin. Watching Mike do it the other day was a start tho!

Mrs. Borreson said...

I bought the little Aiptek camera and shot a couple short videos. But I'm unable to import them into movie maker. Does anyone have any suggestions?

yanhong said...

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