Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reflecting on PBL - What's your story?

Earlier this year I posted about my journey of learning about Project Based Learning.  Teaching a course that incorporated PBL over the summer and our late start PLT/PLC focus on Project Based Learning this fall.  I decided to capture some of the great work teachers and students in my district. I have bene using the new Adobe Spark program this year and thought this would be a great way to showcase the features of the program and reflect on PBL. I will be presenting our story next on Tuesday, November 15th  at a Future Ready Conference in Bedford, New Hampshire.  I also thought it would be a great way to share our PLC findings on Project Based Learning.

Link for Full Screen view
What's your PBL Story?
We plan to offer a course in lesson design next spring that will help teachers design lessons using G-Suite, Web-based tools and gamify some of the lessons to help with classroom engagement.  Learning more about Project Based Learning last summer and during our PLC time has generated lots of discussion with my colleagues.

Nashoba PLT Presentation
Project Based Learnining Our Story
Here is a great link about telling your story and being connected with tips on using twitter!

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