Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NEW Google Sites available on my school domain today!

I have been waiting for the NEW Googles sites to show up in our domain and today is the day! Below is a quick overview of the new features
Here is a link to a tip sheet for Nashoba goo.gl/npWuca 
I created a new site to test out today https://sites.google.com/mynrsd.com/portfolio-marotta 

Tips and review of other schools that have been using as part of the beta program. Thanks @jennjudins for your guidance and reflection!

Take a Look at the New Google Sites for Schools - Digital Learning at Grant Wood AEA http://www.dlgwaea.org/1/post/2016/11/check-out-the-new-google-sites.html and a review 

I will be creating Photography portfolios in Sites and also Spark Page next week!

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