Monday, November 14, 2016

Google Expeditions (cardboard)

Today our school librarian Ms. Landry @mslandrylibrary and @jcarternashoba showcased Google Expeditions to a multimedia class in the library.  Students downloaded the Cardboard from the Apps Store along with a few apps Within and Life.  Student's scanned the barcode on the viewer and inserted their phone into the cardboard view and began to take their virtual tours.  When the class ended a few students asked to stay and explore more options. They then asked to bring to other classes and share with their teachers.  Talk about engagement first thing on a Monday morning!

Google Expeditions has a number of lessons to help students learn about our military history this Veterans Day. Students can experience the history of World War I, World War II, and the Civil War, understand the key events that shaped those moments, and visit the memorials that commemorate them. Other Expeditions, such as the Artifacts of the Tuskegee Airmen and Pearl Harbor, let students explore planes, submarines, and ships from these historical periods. In addition to these Expeditions, Google Arts & Culture  has a dedicated online collection of artifacts, archives, locations and dozens of stories related to World War II, including an online exhibition, Veterans Day: Reflections on Service, where students can hear stories from our veterans.
Here is an article from Edutopia on expeditions

Google and Best Buy have a bundle that provides Wifi and teacher directed learning but are rather expensive but may work great in rural communities or schools where students do not have devices (phones).

While learning about Expeditions this month, I have been reading and watching information on a new Google product called Daydream and  here is a review of Daydream  and YouTube VR app. Twitter
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Looking to learn more about Google Features?
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Teachers Ready for Virtual Reality in Education infographic.

So much to learn!

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