Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcoming Foreign Language Projects

Last month I worked with a few Spanish teachers to introduce them to Google Classroom.

We are planning a lesson for next week using the following:

  1. Using Chromebooks to join the Google Classroom (by Class Code)
  2. Introduce the YouTube Upload  feature by activating the account/channel and show students how to allow the Chromebook - WebCam to record and publishing to school YouTube.
  3. Introduce Padlet  by creating a classroom wall to students to post information and or their video.  Create individual walls with recordings and collect the address using a Google Form (and/or posting to the Classroom stream/assignment.
  4. IGoogle Forms to collect assignment locations for padlet and recordings
  5. Google Presentations and Chrome App (ScreenCastify) to record presentation.

Future projects and incorporate using Chromebooks and WeVideo.

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