Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planning a Project

This week I am gearing up to work on one of my favorite projects with several sophomore classes. The Favorite Poem Project.  I have done this over the years using PC's/MovieMaker and the students have created amazing projects.  This year we are shifting the assignment allowing the students to use their "BYOD" device along with a choice of programs (WeVideo, MovieMaker, iMovie or any other tool that is available on their device).

Students will select up to five poems that has specific meaning or a connection to them and state the reason they have selected the poem.  Once approved (see assignment and process posted by the teacher). students will be required to use a Storyboard to plan their project.  I have provided students with google doc/storyboard templates along with paper/pdf files for planning.  Today, I noticed a StoryBoard Challenge on twitter link  focusing on why storyboards important and a few examples. This will serve as a great discussion topic with my teachers.  Student are required to follow Copyright when working on the project.  I have used the "Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for School Projects" adapted by Kathy Schrock.

Some of the students plan on using WeVideo connected to their Google Accounts. The project was altered to include video of the student discussing their connection to the poem.  Students may use their phone to record video and also explore the web-cams on the chromebooks.

I will be creating a Google Form to collect the student names, poems and project links.

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