Sunday, March 8, 2015

NEASC Visit Day 1

Great day showcasing all the great things we are doing at the high school. I tweeted out most of the day so you can follow all the events. Here is a link to the opening video  

Lots of sharing of best practices and areas of improvement that support teaching and learning,

Other Topics highlighted in my interview.

  1. Technology Integration and School Culture
  2. My Blog
  3. Twitter Handler @mmarotta
  4. Google Site
  5.  Blog Post on Digital Citizenship

  6.  Managing your DigitalFootprint (The Good, Bad and Ugly) Prezi 
  7. Student Portfolios with QR Codes
  8. Google Classroom

  9. Student Portfolios and connection to Internships!
I found the day to be very collaborative and how important it is to reflect upon your teaching and best practices using a blog. I was able to easily to connect and show not only evidence but my reflection along with my post.  I am so happy I blog!

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