Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Started with Google Classroom (and Grading)

Google Classroom  has been released and so far the results are good!

I have been able to easily how teachers how to go to, join as a teacher and create a class. I had a preview over the summer with a few teachers but not really able to check it out until this week in school with several classes.  I am impressed with how easily and seamlessly it integrates into Google Drive by creating a Class Folder with each course students are invited to by teachers.  When showing students the new icon under the Apps Menu and the link I had them join as students, provided them the class code.

We started with a basic exercise posting a question "Tell me something about yourself" as an assignment with a due date.  The questions appeared on the student class site.  Students created a google doc, responded and simply click the turn in option.  The teacher was delight to see the list of students, with links to their email and view what students had turned the assignment in.  We quickly assigned points for the day for the assignment.

I then posted a YouTube video  link with an overview. of Classroom.

I then had students access their Google Drive and locate the Classroom Folder and assignments. A few of students had already activated other classes and had could see three of their classrooms.  The interface and process is very easy to use.

Now, I only wish Google would streamline some other options such as grading without having to use Add-On's.  I wouldn't be surprised to see more classroom features integrated this year.  The timing is great, teachers are looking for a way to streamline their work and Google just gave it to them.

I tweet out some benefits of Google Classroom over the weekend and plan to meet with more teachers next week.

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Featured Launch: Google Classroom

Back to school and new options 3 Different Things You Can Do With - via @Edudemic

I worked with a few teachers to use Google Forms with the Flubaroo
Add-On to create Pre-Post tests for our DDM's.
I also provided them the link to my blog post along with the video below.

Next Month -  We will explore using Google Classroom with Doctopus and Goobric (Andrew Stillman has updated for classroom here) for online grading with a rubric.
Or watch this review Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric = :)
by here by Jen Magiera

These enhancements and direct usefulness in the classroom should have more teachers embracing #GAFE with these new features!

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