Monday, March 3, 2014

Adding Voice to Google Docs and Usingg voice recognition to type (beta)

Last week my daughter showed me one of her assignments from college where she created a resume and was given audio feedback from the professor.  I believe the University uses Moodle/Turnitin.  Later that day I say a tweet on Kaizena which allows you to download an app from the chrome store in order to add audio notes. I found that  Richard Bryne's had posted a reveiew on his blog  and a great screencast overview from Stacey Behmner's video .

Note: WIth Kaizen you have to authorized it to access your Google Account and allow access to your microphone, like many other applications now require.

I plan to work with a teacher this week to see if you can replicate the assignment using Google Drive, templates and Kaizena. I will update later in the week!

Note: Google is also testing  "Using voice recognition to type (beta)"
Chrome Store  learn more here.

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