Thursday, January 16, 2014

Using Social Media Responsibly - CommonSense Media

Earlier this year, when working with Journalism students I blogged about using Social Media responsibly and discussed students "Digital Citizenship". I wanted to share a link for Parents and Students provided by Commonsense Media (Advice for Parents and older teens) with some great topics, see below:

Teachers - Here is a great video from Commonsense Media/ High School Students Curriculum focused on Digital Literacy and Citizenship that is applicable for both teachers and parents.    In order to access the lesson plans you will need to sign into Commonsense Media as an educator to access the materials.

Here are some suggestion I shared with Journalism students earlier in the semester.
  1. My Tweets today (see twitter feed on my blog)
    - 12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media   - Twitter tips for high school journalists http:// 
    - Ten Ways journalists can use Twitter, before during and after reporting a story - Twitter tips for high school journalists 
  2. A Twitter Tutorial by 
  3. Top 7 Twitter Tutorials
In the past, during 8th Grade Opoen House meetings we have coordianted a panel with outside members from Law Enforcement and the DA's office to discuss trending topics in social media and a reminder for students to review their on line Digital Footprint.

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