Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinterest test on post and sidebar

Showing teachers how to add Pinterest on or sidebar. I am part of a school book club.  We are reading "The Interactive Lecture" so I decided to show how to curate "Graphic Organizers" which we are discusssing this week using a Pininterest Boad and link to our blog -
Follow mmarotta's board Graphic Organizers on Pinterest.
Note: Pinterest Steps for Blog
Directions to create your own widget for Pinterest go here 
Make sure you copy your Pinterest board link for the widget

I created a "Graphics Organizer" board for teachers to curate information.  Everyone seemed to thing it was a great way to gather resources.

Graphics Organizers
I demonstrated using a Yoga Board below and showed how to used a widget tool to get this to work.

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Option 2 Follow mmarotta's board Yoga and Fitness on Pinterest.

I am also trying to figure this out using Word Press blogging tool.

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