Monday, August 10, 2009

Tools Day1

Post a comment below regarding day one.
What was your favorite tool?

google reader
twitter TOGETHER WE'RE BETTER Twitter can be like a virtual staff room, where teachers can access in seconds a stream of links, ideas, opinions, and resources.
Note: All topics covered in class wiki


roy said...

I really like igoogle. Being able to have everything right there on one page is great.

landryc said...

I will try to remember what we did today. the blog will help out on things i missed.

jsherida said...

So far today we have alot of valuable information that was given to us. I think that this class will be very useful! Jess Sheridan

Rob said...


Here I go .. I'm going to dive into this blog and get my feet wet. One ... two ... three

bbaldare said...

Very interesting information. I need to practice and play some more.

Alisa said...

Slightly overwhelmed,but time and playing around will help.

Felicia Comeras said...

Thanks for all the info. Everytime I use web 2.0 tools I learn more!

artie said...

I will use and learn more about Google tools!

edunn said...

Skype is my favorite tool so far, but I'm thinking of possibilities for each tool. When my mind wanders off on the possibilities, I find that I missed a few steps on the next thing! I 'll be glad to be able to take my time trying things out.

Deb said...

This first day has made me into a techie maybegonnabe instead of a techie wannabe.

Each visit made each site's purposes and potentialities clear and accessible.

I can hardly wait to make use of these new tools.

Thank you!

Sheila said...

I think all of the tools are awesome! I hope I can find time to become more familiar with them after the course is over. I never thought of using Twitter for professional development, but I love the idea.

bgerossi said...

I liked the google docs. I see great possibilities with this.
Feel overwhelmed with some of it

MNC said...

How to decide what is the most useful?

Need time to explore...

Mary Marotta said...

Great to see all of the posts regarding todays class. As we move forward and use many of the tools you will see the connection to your personal network and ways to use in the classroom. Nice job on day one of learning about web 2.0.


Dawn said...

I am enjoying all the tools. I just got a new Palm Pre that is synced with Google so I can access a lot of this from my phone. I missed this part of class, so I hope I am doing the right thing. I'll need some help uploading a YouTube video to my blog.