Sunday, July 5, 2009

NECC 2009 - Washington DC

I attended my second NECC conference last week in Washington DC. This was my first trip to D.C. and I was able to get lots of sightseeing in over the weekend.

I found the NECC Ning and Classroom 2.0 ning to be very useful prior to attending the conference. I made a point of attending Steve Hargadon's presentation/Birds of a Feather on Web 2.0 and found lots of great information and new tools to try. I made time to attend sessions on the exhibit floor at SMART and new Google links (NECC presentations/and lessons) and a few other vendors. I enjoyed the poster sessions on various topics (PD, Web 2.0, ICT, student work, etc). Check out ISTE's new video station and watch the keynotes and many of the sessions at

I found myself using twitter (and tweetdeck with a cusomized NECC2009 Column). I had never used this feature! I found twitter a great way to stay connected with other users and actually showed to a few people while attending conferences. My tweets are on the sidebar of this blog. I particularly enjoyed watching the keynote debate interact with the audience using twitter. I found backchannels a great way to capture thoughts, questions and links during the presenters presentations. I hope to incorporate into my PD sessions this summer. I think it would be interesting to use during a staff meeting and hope to be able to deminstrate to my teachers when I return to school.

NECC will now be called ISTE 2010 and held in Denver June 27-20th. I enjoyed the conference and it was great to connect with so many great educators.

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