Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Docs and more review

Here are a few links to review today.

  1. Google class site
    (links to igoogle, docs, presentation, spreadesheets, forms, sites and more)
    Several videos to review class concepts.
    A Quick Review from Class video A review of Google Docs
  2. Lesson Plans Explore and locate grade level and content specific to share with class.
  3. Practice Google Site (inviation sent) from class yesterday
    Sigin in and make an edit ....

  4. Other links will be posted.
  5. Post a comment or two to this blog and let us know what you are working on!
    I have also emailed all of you this morning with the email addresses used in class.


John said...

I liked the overview/review of Google Docs that the presentation covered.

In fact I have spent some time already on the support site--a form/spreadsheet file is doing most, but not all, I had in mind. Even so, it is a vast improvement over the way we collected data for a math data and graphing activity. Stay tuned.

John H.

Mary Marotta said...

Hi John -
Great to hear from you, I am glad to see you online! Keep exploring and learning.

Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

I've been checking out so many sites since this morning! Worked on the Google spreadsheet and mapping gadget, checked out KinderBlog, and found a lesson plan I could use with first graders. See you all tomorrow.

marcia said...

I have been looking at lessons. Really enjoyed one that used historical novel and had spreasheet include map of the British advance during the revolutionary war. I also played with the spreadsheet to make and graph children's progress in reading. Think I can use it.

The more I learn, the more things I realize I don't know. marcia

Who-gnu?! said...

Busy, busy day with all kinds of things....some of which felt like three steps forward, two steps back!
Some difficulties setting up an "easy" google site...some questions for tomorrow!
Downloaded Jing...thought I'd give it a go, but not yet.
Maybe I'll get a second wind tonight, but for now I've got to step away!

Who-gnu?! said...

Oh yeah, BTW - "Whognu" is me - Janet...!

Mary Marotta said...

I am glad to see everyone was able to explore google docs and other web 2.0 tools today. See you tomorrow!