Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Create a Blog in Blogger, YouTube downloads and other tips

Using TeacherTube to create a blog using blogger.

More templates for blogger and installing workshop

Other Tips - Need to download a YouTube Video for you class? Is it blocked in your school?

Tip 1 - Watch the video video

Another way .... seems like alot more steps than the video approach.
Tip 2 - Here are the steps (note, this needs to be tested in class)
1. Find YouTube Video and Copy address
2. Go to Ripzor.Com, and paste the URL of the YouTube video into the box.
3. Click "Get Video"
4. Click the download link
5. Save the file to "a folder i.e. class videos" folder, and make sure to rename it.add ".flv" to end of name.
6. Open FLVConverter, and hit "Add file"
7. Use default settings and Click"Process"


pvallee said...

I love this class and the practical tips we're learning! It almost makes me excited about coming back for the upcoming school year (that was a definite almost). If we like using all these programs, the students will love them!!

Mike said...

I have to agree with Pam. I am very excited to go back in the fall and use what I have learned with the children.

Paul said...

I use .Enter the url and you can download and save the movie in any format you like. I have downloaded tons of music for my ipod. I can save videos in mp3, mp4, aac, mov, wma formats