Sunday, June 17, 2007

Got Skype? Post a comment

Skype will allow you to:

website skype download

network with other instructional technology teachers
connect students with experts worldwide
connect students who are learning similar & related content
allow parents to see their students presenting
allow students who are absent a chance to participate
allow teams of teachers to meet virtually
allow administrators to connect with classrooms from their office
become the "teacher as facilitator"

More ...
Handout from conference
Download and register.

Post a comment and share your experience with the class!


Janet said...

Used skype with my daughter and she informed me that while she was in Spain she had used skype frequently and had suggested that we use it as well. Wish we had.

steveb said...

We set up a skype account last night, but since i do not have a headset i was not able to call anyone. Our goal is to have a few set up at the school so we can have better communication in the building.

sophie said...

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Sddd said...

I recently found a great tool for Skype which records calls. Its name Riviera for Skype - take it Skype Call Recorder

Mary Paul said...

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