Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sharing and Reflecting on PLT - PBL Story

Our PLT that met during late starts for the 2016-2017 school year will be sharing our PBL story here with out staff today.  Our group created many great projects that will will share with our colleagues.  Some of the projects include cooking videos, children's books, coral reef project, DECA Best Buddies and Graphics with our Vinyl cutter just to name a few!

Presenting to our colleauges is a great way to reflect on our teaching practices and decide how we will continue to improved our teaching practices.
Project Based Learning Our Story
Link here
We hope to blend PBL with Design Thinking next year and launch new products!

We will also look to submit and RFP to MassCUE next fall and present this presentation to a much larger audience!

If you are intereseted in defining our PLT for next year contact me before June 1st ifyou would like to provide input and/or help facilitate our PLT next year along with Tim Castner's book club on "Shop Class as Soulcraft"

Next year's Design Thinking topic here
Design Thinking

Addtionally, our grou has submitted and RFP to the MASSCUE technology conference for next fall in order for our team to share their best practices.

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