Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MassCUE is hosting Googlepalooza on Feb 22nd

MassCUE is hosting Googlepalooza  Wednesday February 22nd.  

Presentation topics - New Google Site 
Older Site merging and linking options
Session 1: Exploring the NEW Google Sites Site https://sites.google.com/view/learnnewsites and Presentation goo.gl/1yrtdY Today’s media-rich world presents opportunities to showcase our interests and talents. Google’s new version of Sites makes this easier than ever! Come and see how Google Sites can be used for digital portfolios at both the classroom and individual levels. (Level: Intermediate/Advanced) Featured Google Tools: Sites, Docs and Slides
Session 2: Getting organized with Google Keep 10:30-11:30 Link https://goo.gl/oPS9PK Trade in your Post-it notes for Google Keep, a web and mobile note-keeping tool that allows you to add labels to notes, set reminders and create notes from photos or voice recordings. With Keep, you can move seamlessly between your teacher desktop, calendar and mobile device to have your notes and appointments at your fingertips!
UPDATE on NEW Google Keep
(Check out Eric Curts Blog/Video with new features for commenting on Docs with Keep)

Lunch and Demo Slam 11:30-1:00 Session 3: What's all the Hype about Hyperdocs? 1:00-2:00 Link goo.gl/GYRbJB
Hyperdocs are so much more than a document with links. They are visually engaging, carefully crafted lesson plans that challenge students to higher levels of thinking! You can turn simple Google Docs into vibrant, self-paced lessons that allow students to tap into all that the web has to offer learners. Explore free templates created by other teachers that you can easily adapt for your own classes. (All Levels) Featured Google Tools: Google Drive, Docs, Slides & other web tools
Session 4: Google Sites and Apps Smash (Adobe Spark) for Portfolios and Projects 2:15-3:15 Link https://spark.adobe.com/page/MEzloMLWoGZId and Site https://sites.google.com/view/learnnewsites Google Apps makes it easy for students to quickly sign into the Adobe Spark or use on a mobile device. Learn how students and staff can create dynamic, engaging presentations or portfolios that demonstrate and connect to an audience. In this session we will talk about how these digital storytelling tools can be used across the content areas. Featured Google Tools: Google Sites for Portfolios & Adobe Spark Page

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