Monday, March 14, 2016

Research Projects and modeling tools and Apps (blog and Thinglink Map)

In a recent class students were evaluating multiple presentation programs, focused on maps and travelling.  We looked Google Slides, Prezi, Padlet, Haiku Deck and Thinklink.  I think it's always important to connect students with real life opportunities and connections when using technology.

I started the class by showing students my travel blog and explaining why I use it and had recommended to my own kids when travelling. We talked about researching countries and online resources.  Some of the sites or blogs that I visit are Rick Steve's Travel blog on specific countries, (Italy).  Students can research sites such as Expedia for travel packages or Trip Advisor.  Then it's time to start planning!

I came across a Thinkglink Map of Italy which I thought was a perfect tool and way to connect a trip along with videos.  Students could also use Google Maps for a similar process.  Below is an interactive map created in Thinglink of Italy.  Students can also download the app and create on their phone.  I showed them how to link and embed on the Portfolio sites and I am modeling the use in my blog.  I loved the fact that I would take an existing Thinglink and "remix" or just get a creative idea how to use in other content areas.

The project could be expanded so students create their own videos and learn to use in a variety of ways.  I think this was also a good example of showing students whey the would want to blog versus using a google site for their portfolio.  This lesson could be expanded to show so much more when travelling. Student's can reflect in the blog about their travel experience and share with family members.

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